Vladimir Kardapoltsev

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FinTech innovator and PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev, in brief.

April 17, 2023
3 Minutes
Vladimir Kardapoltsev

Home: London, UK.  Age: Twenty-something.  Profession: FinTech (crypto and blockchain).  Organization: PointPay.  Title: CEO.  Alma mater: University College London (UCL).  Languages spoken: English, Russian and a fair bit of French, Polish, Serbo-Croatian and Czech.  

Current project: Beating Binance and getting PointPay to be the number one cryptocurrency platform.  Recent recognition: In an interview by CoinDesk, sharing insights on how my company handled both the business and personal challenges of relocating employees from Ukraine amidst the ongoing war.  Latest accomplishment: Getting PointPay to the top 50 in just two months.  What’s been your big (or biggest leap)? Progressed from the role of project manager to C-suite executive and ultimately to CEO in just a few years.  Recent travel or adventure: A month hiking in Montenegro.  Last book read: The Better Angels of Our Nature, by Steven Pinker.  Recently viewed and recommended: Succession (HBO).

Personality profile: Social introvert; intuitive, decisive, creative.  What one word would your closest friend use to describe you? Eccentric.  Moral compass: I trust my instincts.  How do you define a perfect friendship? Trust, loyalty, shared Interests and experiences.  How do you define an ideal business relationship? Trust and mutual respect.  What is your greatest fear? Losing loved ones.  What is your guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate and coffee.  What word or phrase do you use far too often? Let’s get to the bottom of this!  What natural talent have you neglected? Playing guitar.  What is your favorite place (or way) to spend money? Traveling and investing.  What is at the top of your bucket list? Create an app that will take over the world.  What ingredient is essential to your perfect vacation? Sunshine, great scenery, good company and having my phone off. 

What was your first paying job? Investment banker.  What was your favorite college course? Family Economics by Prof. Tomáš Cvrček.  What was your favorite childhood toy or game? GTA & CoD.  What book have you repeatedly read? Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.  What’s prominently featured on your home or office wall? A clock.  I despise tardiness.  What’s the best advice you received growing up? Work hard and don’t be afraid to take risks.  What modern technology innovation do you most appreciate? The internet.   What is your go-to source of creative inspiration? A solo walk.  What world event has had the greatest influence on your life? Collapse of the USSR.  What personal circumstance has had the greatest influence on your life? Coming to the UK at age 11. 

What change are you working on to effect in your profession or field? 

Designing a user-friendly and easily accessible cryptocurrency platform for all.

What widely held belief do you reject? That cryptocurrencies are dangerous.  What mega-trend most excites you? AI technology.  What mega-trend most concerns you? Social media algorithms and the potential bias that it could create. 

What title would you choose for the movie about your life? Against the Odds.  As a kid, what did you first want to be when you grew up? President / Prime Minister.  After your loved ones, what object would you first save from your burning home? Vital documents, and then, old family photos.  What advice would you give your younger self? Keep up with hard work.  It will all work out in the end.  What period in your life would you do differently, if you could? Absolutely nothing.

Personal mission: Promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology worldwide, to make them more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.  Favorite quote: “If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing” (Margaret Thatcher).

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