Frequently asked questions

Is the Principal Post a reputation management service?

No, but we may play a valuable role in your reputation management strategy.  In Fairness is an ideal platform for tackling a reputational challenge head on.  In Motion and In Profile are ideal platforms for telling new stories contributing to your online profile.

Can my business tell a story on The Principal Post?

Yes, we tell commercial as well as personal stories, provided we can endorse them for publication on the basis of verifiable information.

Why would I pay for a story you decline to publish?

The value of our endorsement derives largely from our objectivity and our independence.  You’ll pay us to review your story.  If we can approve it, we’ll publish it at no additional cost.  If we can’t, we’ll provide you with feedback we hope you’ll find valuable, even if it is disappointing.

I’ve been accused of something I deny but can’t verifiably disprove.  Can you help?

Very possibly.  Our aim is to help our clients tell stories that deserve to be told.  We understand that some stories reduce to one person's word over another's.  If we find your side of the story to be highly credible, on the basis of those facts we can verify and that give it weight, we are likely to publish it in In Fairness.

Do you write my story or do I?

We work collaboratively with our clients to produce the stories we publish.  We begin with a story written substantially by you. We may propose changes that would allow us to reach a positive conclusion. We'll also write your story “from scratch” on the basis of information you provide, for an additional fee.  

Can I customize the look and feel of my story?

Yes, there are a number of available options for customizing and enhancing the length, imagery, design and composition of your story.  Some enhancements entail an additional fee.

Will you work directly with my public relations firm?

Yes, we work closely with PR firms, crisis and reputation management firms, personal and commercial branding agencies and others to complement their work on your behalf.  In most cases, however, we will need to work directly with you to obtain and verify the information leading to our endorsement of your story.

Can I offer an article in the Principal Post as a perk to a senior executive?

Yes, our In Profile service is an ideal way to reward a valued employee, non-profit donor, public servant, cultural contributor or most anyone with a record of accomplishment or body of work worthy of recognition.

Can I appeal your decision not to accept or endorse my story for publication?

No, the decisions of our Editorial Board are final.  However, initial negative decisions are subject to a second review before being communicated to our clients and may be overturned.

I’m not sure my story is exactly “newsworthy”, but it’s important to me.  Will you publish it?

Yes, that’s very much the aim of The Principal Post.  If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.  As long as we can verify the information you present to us; or, if that information can't be verified but is sufficiently credible to warrant the serious consideration of the reader in forming his or her own opinion; and provided your story is not harmful to another, we should be able to endorse it for publication and help you tell it proudly.