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The Principal Post is an authoritative advisory and self-publishing platform for personal and business narratives and press. Whether establishing the record or setting it straight, tell your story proudly with the benefit of our objective review and endorsement.

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We Google everything today, especially the people we engage with socially and professionally. Social media posts are fleeting; news in print quickly becomes stale, but the digital record endures.

The Principal Post is not a traditional newspaper or magazine and is not meant to be read through by a general audience. Rather, we publish and archive authoritative content that will be readily found in an online search.

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4 Publication Platforms

A Principal Post article is like a page from an autobiography yet to be written. We offer four self-publishing platforms for the four kinds of stories we help to share.

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setting the record straight:
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in-depth personal portraiture:
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4. in Market
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The VALUE of our opinion


One cannot pay to publish at The Principal Post. We are paid only for our time and to render an opinion about the stories submitted to us. We have no paid readership and no advertisers. Our editors have no financial incentive to conclude one way or another; indeed, the value of our opinion depends on it.


Our editors are working or retired professionals and scholars from a wide spectrum of occupations and disciplines. They are all accomplished and respected within their fields, with many years of experience relevant to the stories we are asked to consider.


We employ critical reasoning methods to reach inductively strong conclusions about the claims presented to us. We know our way around a story and when things just don’t add up. We won’t endorse a story for publication unless we judge it to be highly credible and well supported by the facts.

The case for self-Authorship

june 2020
Dignity and Credibility in the Age of Information: A Case for Self-Authorship and Impartial Review
Joshua Duclos, Ph.D., Boston University

In this essay, Duclos argues for the need and the value of self-authored narratives accompanied by an independent, authoritative review. A first-hand account is important as a matter of personal dignity, is made credible with the benefit of an impartial review and serves our social obligation to acquire reliable information. The Principal Post mission and vision are informed by these ideas.

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A first-person account is always best, provided it can be trusted.