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Warrior Trading founder Ross Cameron, in brief.

March 29, 2023
3 Minutes
Ross Cameron

Home: Great Barrington, MA.  Age: 38.  Birthplace: Vermont.  Profession: Day trading. Warrior Trading.  Organization: Warrior Trading.  Title: Founder and CEO.  Alma mater: Vermont College (B.A.).

Current project: At Warrior Trading, we are rolling out customized stock charts for our students.  Latest contribution to others: I’ve been recognized in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where we donated over $1 million to the hospital, Volunteers in Medicine, the Humane Society, and several other nonprofit organizations.  Hobbies: Tennis, skiing, mountain biking; making maple syrup, growing raspberries and blueberries.  Recent travel or adventure: I have a goal of visiting all 50 states in the U.S.  With fourteen states left, my next trip is to Kansas.  Last book read: Quit, by Annie Duke.  Recently viewed and recommended: Last of Us (HBO).  Recent unique acquisition: A vintage Western Union ticker-tape machine from the turn of the century.  Over 100 years later, traders like myself are still tape reading.

Personality profile: Independent; teacher, problem solver, builder.  Moral compass: Be kind to others.  What is your greatest joy? Being a father to my boys.  What natural talent have you neglected? Art/pottery.  What occupation, other than your own, do you most admire? Farmers and homesteaders.  What is your favorite place (or way) to spend money? Travel.  What is your go-to workout? Playing tennis.

What three emojis best describe you? 😹💻👨‍🏫.

What was your first paying job? Newspaper delivery boy.  What was your favorite childhood toy or game? SimCity 2000.  What book have you repeatedly read? The Dharma Bums, by Jack Kerouac.  What movie have you repeatedly watched? PAW Patrol: The Movie, for laughs.  What’s prominently featured on your home or office wall? Paintings and pictures of old farms and barns.  What world event has had the greatest influence on your life? The Great Recession.  What personal circumstance has had the greatest influence on your life? The death of my father when I was 22.

What is your big idea? AI integration with trading platforms to help day traders know when to size up, size down and walk away.  What change would you like to see in the world? A greater degree of self-sufficiency and sustainability in the way we live.  What widely held belief do you reject? That cryptocurrency is the future.  What mega-trend most excites you? That the internet has never been more accessible than it is today.  What mega-trend most concerns you? Big government, excessive bureaucracy, restriction of freedom.

Who would you like to spend an evening with, in heaven? My father.  After your loved ones, what object would you first save from your burning home? Old photo albums.  How would you choose to spend tomorrow, if you knew it was your last day on earth? I would spend the whole day with my family and make videos they could watch later.  What advice would you give your younger self? You can start your own business right now; don’t wait.  What period in your life would you do differently, if you could? Mid-teens to mid-twenties.  I was rebellious, stubborn and needed help with panic attacks.

Personal mission: To empower others to become independent and live a life they love.  Personal motto: Be kind and be helpful.  Desired epitaph: A lifelong teacher and loving family man, he tried to make the world a little brighter.

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