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Global brand strategist and leadership visionary, Karrie Sanderson, in brief.

March 22, 2022
2 Minutes
Karrie Sanderson

Home: Seattle, WA.  Age: I’m in my best decade.  Profession: Brand and strategy executive. Organization: Typeform.  Title: Chief Brand Officer.  Preferred pronouns: She/Her/Hers. Alma mater: University of Wisconsin, Madison; Georgia Institute of Technology.

Current project: Scaling an incredible global brand, Typeform.  Recent recognition: Featured by Octopus Group in their "Behind B2B" series.  Recent professional development: Joined Chief, a network of C-suite women driving change.  What’s been your big (or biggest) leap? Made the leap from engineering into marketing and never looked back.  Recent travel or adventure: A two-year family sailing adventure / sabbatical.  Recently viewed and recommended:  100 Foot Wave.

Personality profile: Just say YES to opportunity, risks, and all things in life.  How do you define an ideal business relationship? Visionary, transparent, solution-oriented.  What is your greatest joy? Laughter with my family.  What natural talent have you neglected? Singing the blues. What occupation, other than your own, do you most admire? Teachers.  What is at the top of your bucket list? New Zealand camper van adventure.  What ingredient is essential to your perfect vacation? Fresh air and a big horizon.

What movie have you repeatedly watched? The Shawshank Redemption.  What’s featured prominently on your home or office wall? My daughter's and son’s elementary school artwork. What is the best advice you received in your career? You have to forge your path, no one is going to do that for you.  What is your favorite app? Anything with the weather.  What company or organization do you most admire? Patagonia.

What is your big idea?

The most powerful brands of the future MUST find the intersection between serving the customer, the employee and society in order to succeed.

What widely held belief do you reject? Culture eats strategy for breakfast.  What mega-trend most excites you? Web3.  What mega-trend most concerns you? Web3.

Who would you like to spend an evening with, in heaven? My sister, Kristine.  As a kid, what did you first want to be when you grew up? A journalist.  What advice would you give your younger self? Take even MORE risks!

Personal mission: To leave things better than I found them.  Personal motto: Say YES.  Favorite quote: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” (Maya Angelou).

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