Ji Han, M.D.

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NY Spine Care director Ji Han, M.D., in brief.

April 28, 2023
2 Minutes
Ji Han, M.D.

Home: Flushing, NY.  Profession: Interventional pain management.  Organization: New York Spine Care Interventional Pain Management.  Title: M.D.  Alma mater: NY Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Center.  Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Korean.

Recent recognition: Best pain management doctor in Queens, NY.  Latest accomplishment: Creation of a new, 7,000 square foot pain management medical facility.  Latest contribution to others: Mentoring future medical students.  Hobbies: Tennis and scuba diving.  Last book read: Wisdom for Fathers, by David Glenn.  Recently viewed and recommended: Cobra Kai.  

What one word would your closest friend use to describe you? 


Moral compass: The Bible.  How do you define a perfect friendship? Mutual respect and understanding.  What is your greatest joy? Spending time with my children.  What occupation, other than your own, do you most admire? Musicians, especially pianists.  How do you relieve stress? Watching movies.  What is your go-to workout? Tennis.  What ingredient is essential to your perfect vacation? Family.

What was your first paying job? Delivering newspapers.  What was your favorite college course? Organic Chemistry.  What book have you repeatedly read? Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse.  What movie have you repeatedly watched? Forrest Gump.  What’s prominently featured on your home or office wall? My diplomas.  Besides your parents, who has had the greatest influence on your life? Chemistry professor Dr. Ogilvy.  What’s the best advice you received growing up? Learn from other people’s mistakes.

As a kid, what did you first want to be when you grew up? An architect.  How would you choose to spend tomorrow, if you knew it was your last day on earth? Spending time with my family camping.  What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t be so hard on yourself.  What day in your life would you choose to re-live? The birth of my son.  What period in your life would you do differently, if you could? My teenage years.

What mega-trend most excites you? Artificial intelligence.  What mega-trend most concerns you? Artificial intelligence.  What message do you want to send out into the world? Never give up hope.  

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