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EdTech business leader Heather Gunsallus, in brief.

November 14, 2022
3 Minutes
Heather Gunsallus

Home: Ellicott City, MD.  Age: 47 and loving it.  Birthplace: Happy Valley (State College, PA). Profession: Education, STEM, EdTech.  Organization: EiE, Museum of Science, Boston.  Title: Vice President, STEM Education.  Pronouns: She/Her/Hers.

Current project: Growing EiE.  Recent professional development: Organizational A2E (Ability to Execute) leadership course by McKinsey.  Latest contribution to others: CODiE Awards judge. What’s been your big (or biggest leap)? Speaking in front of 500 people.

Personality profile: Thoughtful, kind, fair, compassionate, empathetic, smart.  How do you define a perfect friendship? When you can go months without talking and then pick up right where you left off.  How do you define an ideal business relationship? Complementary strengths, trust and integrity.  What is your greatest joy? My daughter’s laughter.  What is your guilty pleasure? Cheese and crackers.  Wine is a bonus.  Recently viewed and recommended: I’m a sucker for any romantic comedy.  What is your favorite place (or way) to spend money? Shopping.  How do you relieve stress? Long walks.  What ingredient is essential to your perfect vacation? Sunshine.

What was your first paying job? Caterer.  I was masterful at cutting wedding cakes.  What was your favorite college course? Child Psychology.  What movie have you repeatedly watched? The Notebook.  What’s prominently featured on your home or office wall? My family.  Besides your parents, who has had the greatest influence on your life? Margie Hayes Richmond.   What’s the best advice you received in your career? Failure is part of success.  Learn from it and grow.  Don’t let it stop you.  What is your favorite app? Slack.

What change are you working on to effect in your profession or field?

Every child should be given the opportunity to see themselves in STEM as early as Pre-K.

What change would you like to see in the world? A kinder, gentler world.  One where a smile is a smile.  What message do you want to send out into the world? Smile more.  What widely held belief do you reject? Where you are from or how you are raised defines your future path.

What title would you choose for the movie about your life? Who Is She, Really?  As a kid, what did you first want to be when you grew up? A teacher.  After your loved ones, what object would you first save from your burning home? Our cat, Echo.  How would you choose to spend tomorrow, if you knew it was your last day on earth? With my daughter, on a blanket under a tree, talking about her future.  What advice would you give your younger self? Be more confident.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  Be kind to yourself.

Personal mission: Changing the lives of children through the educational products they use in and out of school.  Personal motto: Be kind.  Favorite quote: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” (“Socrates”, a character in Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman).

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