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Business transformer and strategic leader Amy Emmerich, in brief.

Amy Emmerich

Home: New York, NY.  Age: 47.  Birthplace: Queens, NY.  Profession: Media executive. Organization: Miss Universe Organization.  Title: CEO.  Pronouns: She/Her/Hers.  Significant other: My husband, Colin Oberschmidt.  Alma mater: Iona University.

Latest accomplishment: JKN global acquisition of the Miss Universe Organization from IMG.  Latest contribution to others: Committee Member, Friends of Sean Lugano.  What’s been your big (or biggest leap)? My career is built off risk.  Hobbies: Fishing, biking and playing with the kids.  Recent travel or adventure: Bangkok.  Last book read: Driven to Distraction, by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D.  Recently viewed and recommended: Coda.  A perfect movie.

Personality profile: Driven, creative and kind.  What one word would your closest friend use to describe you? Loyal.  Moral compass: I trust my gut and think.  How do you define a perfect friendship? Trust and laughter.  How do you define an ideal business relationship? Direct, honest and lucrative.  What is your greatest joy? My children.  What is your guilty pleasure? Ice cream.  What word or phrase do you use far too often? Crazy.  What natural talent have you neglected? A gift for gab.  What occupation, other than your own, do you most admire? Stay at home parenting.  What is your favorite place (or way) to spend money? Travelling with my family.  How do you relieve stress? Exercise.  What is your go-to workout? Beach Body on Demand.  What ingredient is essential to your perfect vacation? Adventure.

What was your first paying job? Secretary at a rectory.  What was your favorite college course? Communications.  What was your favorite childhood toy or game? Kick the Can.  What movie have you repeatedly watched? Goonies.  What’s prominently featured on your home or office wall? Anything is possible, Everything is not.  Besides your parents, who has had the greatest influence on your life? Ursula Burns.  What modern technology innovation do you most appreciate? A heated toilet seat.  What is your go-to source of creative inspiration? A walk.  What company or organization do you most admire? Disney.  What personal circumstance has had the greatest influence on your life? Growing up in a low-income family with an alcoholic father, which was everyone in the 70s.  

What message do you want to send out into the world? 

Think abundantly.   

What widely held belief do you reject? That you can have it all.  What mega-trend most excites you? Women supporting women.  What mega-trend most concerns you? TikTok.

What title would you choose for the movie about your life? Queens of Queens.  What actor would you choose to play you in the movie about your life? Marisa Tomei.  Who would you like to spend an evening with, in heaven? My grandmothers.  As a kid, what did you first want to be when you grew up? A camerawoman.  After your loved ones, what object would you first save from your burning home? Baby clothes.  How would you choose to spend tomorrow, if you knew it was your last day on earth? Partying on a boat in the sun with loved ones.  What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t waste so much time getting ready.  What day in your life would you choose to re-live? The day after my wedding.  What period in your life would you do differently, if you could? My thirties.

Personal mission: To make the world a better place for my kids.  Personal motto: Progress not perfection.  Favorite quote: “Goonies never say die” (Mikey). 

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