Amira Barger

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DEI and communications advisor Amira Barger, in brief.

Amira Barger
Amira Barger, MBA, CVA, CFRE

Home: Benicia, CA.  Age: Late thirty-something.  Profession: Professor and DEI communications practitioner.  Organization: Edelman and Cal State East Bay.  Title: Executive Vice President. Pronouns: She/Her/Hers.  Significant other: Jon B. (husband).

Current project: Practicing personal agency (vs. authenticity).  Recent professional development: Leading a new practice.  Latest accomplishment: Doctoral program acceptance. Latest contribution to others: Appointed to Commission United for Racial Equity in my city. Recent travel or adventure: Fifteenth wedding anniversary trip to Kauai, Hawaii.  Last book read: The Wake Up, by Michelle Mijung Kim.

Personality profile: Cusses a lot; witty, savage.  What one word would your closest friend use to describe you? Boss.  Moral compass: Build foundations, not kingdoms.  What natural talent have you neglected? Singing.  What is at the top of your bucket list? New Zealand.  What ingredient is essential to your perfect vacation? A beach.

Who has had the greatest influence on your life? Audre Lorde.  What is your favorite app? Calendar.  What is your go-to source of news and  information? NPR.  What is your go-to source of creative inspiration? James Baldwin.  What world event has had the greatest influence on your life?Y2K.

What change would you like to see in the world? More black women in Fortune 500 leadership roles. What message do you want to send out into the world? Leave people and places better than you found them.  What widely held belief do you reject? Treat others as you wish to be treated. We should treat others as they wish to be treated.  What mega-trend most excites you? DEI.

What title would you choose for the movie about your life? Sea Breeze & Sunday Mornings. Who would you like to spend an evening with, in heaven? James Baldwin.  What object would you first save from your burning home? Nothing.  How would you choose to spend tomorrow, if you knew it was your last day on earth? Making good trouble.  What advice would you give your younger self? Give fewer fucks.  What day in your life would you like to re-live? Tomorrow.

Personal mission: To be as inconvenient to "the system" as possible.  Personal motto: See you in hell.  Favorite quote: “The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it” (James Baldwin). Desired epitaph: Do no harm, take no shit.

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